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120 years of Vogue Magazine Covers

Remember when magazine covers were artistic, glamorous encounters for real-world people with the surreal perfect world of high fashion? Yeah, most of these Vogue images are before my time – but I do remember when it wasn’t about celebrity but about beauty.

Oh Cindy! The eyebrows, the full hair, the layers of pink textures – love!

What magazine covers are in your top faves? Any favorite cover girls?



Lauren & Lauren: Vogue Wedding Pictorial

I couldn’t not share these STUNNING wedding photos of Lauren Bush and David Lauren (son of Ralph Lauren who you know I love!). So beautifully done.

I have little to no interest in them as people, in fact I’m not sure I care at all based on the other images of them in this Vogue spread being lovey-dovey which you can see here. Meh. Although these images did remind me of another favorite celeb wedding – have you seen these before? The Costner nuptials weren’t quite as dramatic, but used a similar ‘dress for your venue’ theme.

But my goodness, do they not wear these clothes to perfection? I love a costumed affair, and these images made me really excited for my upcoming camping trip. Yes, dresses in the woods.