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Lauren & Lauren: Vogue Wedding Pictorial

I couldn’t not share these STUNNING wedding photos of Lauren Bush and David Lauren (son of Ralph Lauren who you know I love!). So beautifully done.

I have little to no interest in them as people, in fact I’m not sure I care at all based on the other images of them in this Vogue spread being lovey-dovey which you can see here. Meh. Although these images did remind me of another favorite celeb wedding – have you seen these before? The Costner nuptials weren’t quite as dramatic, but used a similar ‘dress for your venue’ theme.

But my goodness, do they not wear these clothes to perfection? I love a costumed affair, and these images made me really excited for my upcoming camping trip. Yes, dresses in the woods.



And now a bit about Beauty: Fall 2011

It’s so nice to see that looks I’ve been longing for and toying with are totally a part of what’s coming for fall. And with some of my favorite, and most dominant Fall 2011 trends being longer layerless hair styles, and thick eyebrows – it’s nice that we still have the rest of Spring and Summer 2011 to prep, LOL.

Fun make-up from Rodarte, love the scope of matte colors across the whole lid. Dramatic and yet approachable. Gorgeous brows, fabulous neutral lips and glorious tousled hair, yum.

I’ve been letting my brows go with minimal grooming the last few months and LOVE them. Here’s some great pics of extreme brows from Proenza Schouler. (below)

Ralph Lauren with the classic clean-face/red-lip I swear by. (Below. Not to mention the bow-tie, swoon)

And then there’s hair! Always my favorite accessory.

These are from Alexander Wang Fall 2011. (above & below)

Marc by Marc Jacobs beauty stylists doing their best Breck Girl impersonations. I just love sexy, healthy looking hair. Glad to see the ‘blow-out’ will be making a comeback, I give myself a killer blow-out, teehee.

These amazing finger bands from Butter London which I’m dying over! I wear smaller rings near my finger tips and knuckles to create this look, and am now brainstorming how to make it work with other materials…

And with Dorit’s ultimate seal of approval, the most complete, blue ribbon award winning look for Fall 2011 (electronic drum rolllllllllllll)….Burberry:

Clean makeup, covered-ear low pony tail (one of my favorite go-to’s, and a look my hair is finally near long enough to recreate. Always reminds me fondly of Zeffirelli’s R&J.), full expressive eyebrows, highlighted smokey neutral eye. Timeless, clean, everything I love in one completed look.

Last thought before the weekend:

As fashion catches up each season to what is always in style, I just wanted to remind us that it’s never too early/late to try looks that make us feel great!


*all backstage images courtesy of Style.com

And then there was one – Ralph Lauren Fall 2011

We all have favorites. And while some change as we learn more, others seem to remain the same despite exposure to the more in the world. Ralph Lauren is just that way for me. Whether he’s taking us on a journey through Americana cowboy fantasies, or romantic fields, or with this Fall 2011 collection through the fanciful world of 1920’s speak easy culture, he remains a fixture in my mind.

This years collection has really captured my heart. Victor Victoria, Great Gatsby, blood red velvet, pops of turquoise and emerald green; the swirling images that come to mind admiring these pieces have no limits!

From chilhood I’ve looked to styles iconically Ralph Lauren as a standard for what is ‘good’, and most my favorite descriptive terms when discussing fashion were all coined for me admiring graments designed by him.

Not only is this collection my favorite of the Fall 2011 line up, but a favorite for all time, period. Timeless, wearable fashion – always in style.

*all images courtesy of Style.com