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This post is just for fun, I mean they’re all¬†for fun, but this one is just for fun ūüėČ

Charlie Chaplin and Mary Pickford xo

Barbra Streisand and Elliot Gould. You know how much I love her.



Barbra Streinsand’s Nails

When a gal pal of mine recently visited NY I took special note of her¬†gorgeous¬†hands! Miss Gibbs’ hands are¬†adorned¬†with rings up and down her slim fingers, and long healthy nails. Dainty and strong at the same time, just beautiful, and so much her very own.

She wears beautiful vintage pieces and has stunning manicured nails at all times.

I commented that they are a wonderful homage to Miss Barbra¬†Streisand, to which my pal replied – “Really?? I had no idea!”

Well girl, you opened a floodgate here, since she’s one of my¬†absolute¬†favorites!!

These don’t really¬†capture¬†the full blown¬†character¬†Bab’s hands play in her performances and style. I’m continuing the hunt for great Bab’s hands pics, any suggestions??

Miss G’s are now a fixture¬†in my mind when I think about well done hands- totally her and totally perfect!