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WTF?? People’s Choice Awards 2012

Full-out flops interspersed with near-misses, last night’s People’s Choice Awards was a fashion failure!

Demi Lovato in Marchesa. No, just no. Maybe ten years ago at the ice-capades, MAYBE.

Kelly Osborn in Honor. GREAT dress meets BAD hair, poor gal.

Both of these are Kaley Cuoco (whoever the f*ck that is, who’d she Big Bang?) looking, bad and worse. Sigh.

Classic case of ‘I can’t walk in my hooker-shoes’. It’s an issue.

I don’t hate tis, I really don’t. But, just, oh I dunno – something is just OFF!

I don’t know who this is, I just feel badly for her. Where were your friends???

High neck = Hair Up. Not always, but nearly always. Just saying.

Nina Dobrev in Elie Saab. Great dress, BAD shoes – come on folks.

Things begin looking up from here though, whew!

I’m not a Hudgens fan per se, but this Jenny Packham dress does great things for her.

Y’all know how I feel about Chloe Moretz. She and Proenza Schouler are a lovely match.

Never thought I’d say this, but: Miley you look fantastic! Great dress/shoes/hair – you were the breath of fresh air on that stagnant-ass carpet. Dress designer David Koma doesn’t even have a website up and running yet, I’m keeping an eye out for more from him, devine.

So your brains don’t rot reading these silly judgements based on my very own personal preferences – watch this:


all images courtesy of Huff Post and Getty Photo


120 years of Vogue Magazine Covers

Remember when magazine covers were artistic, glamorous encounters for real-world people with the surreal perfect world of high fashion? Yeah, most of these Vogue images are before my time – but I do remember when it wasn’t about celebrity but about beauty.

Oh Cindy! The eyebrows, the full hair, the layers of pink textures – love!

What magazine covers are in your top faves? Any favorite cover girls?


Greatest Pants of All Time

These are my favorite pants, and I decided they need a shout-out!

They’re perfectly high waisted, deep pocketed and flattering- puuuurfection 🙂

They were $20 at American Apparel last spring, can you imagine? I mean NOTHING is that cheap in there- I really lucked out. I have some high waist jean fantasies on my mind right now (inspired in part by a blast from my past Kristina Theard of  Kristina Kouture, hi babe!).

I’ve pulled them out a few times with long-johns underneath this winter – but oh how I miss the ease of summer days…le sigh

This is me honeymooning on the Amalfi Coast this past summer. It was a dream come true, no shame about that.