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Lauren & Lauren: Vogue Wedding Pictorial

I couldn’t not share these STUNNING wedding photos of Lauren Bush and David Lauren (son of Ralph Lauren who you know I love!). So beautifully done.

I have little to no interest in them as people, in fact I’m not sure I care at all based on the other images of them in this Vogue spread being lovey-dovey which you can see here. Meh. Although these images did remind me of another favorite celeb wedding – have you seen these before? The Costner nuptials weren’t quite as dramatic, but used a similar ‘dress for your venue’ theme.

But my goodness, do they not wear these clothes to perfection? I love a costumed affair, and these images made me really excited for my upcoming camping trip. Yes, dresses in the woods.



H&M’s ‘Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ Collection: First Looks Appear!

I may be the only person in town who didn’t enjoy the books (truly, I thought they were just ‘ok’), but I certainly won’t be the only gal in town coveting these H&M film and book inspired items!

Great color palette (greys and blacks fo’ life!), interesting cuts and fabrics, and no goth-makeup required! Right up my winter alley 🙂

…and she’s back.


Tilda Swinton – fo’ life

’nuff said.




Marilyn Monroe: lesser known

Some beautiful pictures of the goddess, most of which I’ve never seen – have you?

Just some girl at the beach, you know? So special.




Back to work.










Barbra Streinsand’s Nails

When a gal pal of mine recently visited NY I took special note of her gorgeous hands! Miss Gibbs’ hands are adorned with rings up and down her slim fingers, and long healthy nails. Dainty and strong at the same time, just beautiful, and so much her very own.

She wears beautiful vintage pieces and has stunning manicured nails at all times.

I commented that they are a wonderful homage to Miss Barbra Streisand, to which my pal replied – “Really?? I had no idea!”

Well girl, you opened a floodgate here, since she’s one of my absolute favorites!!

These don’t really capture the full blown character Bab’s hands play in her performances and style. I’m continuing the hunt for great Bab’s hands pics, any suggestions??

Miss G’s are now a fixture in my mind when I think about well done hands- totally her and totally perfect!


Patti Smith: Gothic Crow, fashion mistress

As some of you who follow me know, I’ve been busy producing one the premiere music festivals in NY this summer! I’ve been lucky enough to see live performances by Fula Flute, Laurie Anderson, Brooklyn Rider – beautiful shows every one! The last big show of the summer though, exposed me to the magic of a certain Miss Patti Smith, and despite having read her book and being familiar with her poetry, nothing could have prepared me for the fandom which has taken me over after seeing this woman sing live…

I am officially a HUGE fan. And now, in classic ‘me’ fashion, I am attempting to bring her sense of fashion, kindred with my own obviously, to the forefront of how I approach my fall.

She has grown older, but she hasn’t aged. What a great skill.

As I’ve mentioned before, there’s something to be said about ideas and fashions which are timeless. Menswear and androgyny never seem to go out of style, and as I’ve matured and grown older I feel more confident than ever in my style and dress.
I have some tried and true ways of incorporating this look in my day to day, but this year, my 30th year, I’m thinking of stepping up what this all means to me…
And this necklace from Etsy
And these boots from ACNE

And this hat from Rag and Bone!!!

Ok, before I get completely carried away, I’ll leave you with a final image of the wild bird that is Patti Smith performing with her then lover Sam Shephard-

Hurts so good.


BIG Thoughts Midweek: The Garment Room’s Mobile Vintage Shop – I kid you not!

Rounding the corner on Bushwick’s Moore St. my night went from basic pizza hunting bliss, to utterly  phenomenal due to my discovery of this AMAZING shop! Right across from Roberta’s Pizza (AMAZEBALLZ) The Garment Room‘s Mobile Vintage Shop is less a hidden gem, and more an unmistakeable jewel.

Beautiful shop-hostess Tiffany was so helpful, guiding me through the racks of wonderfully kept, and really well chosen items. I made out like a bandit with a striped palazzo jumper for $10! It’ll make an appearance in a post to follow ~

Part enchanted mobile boudoir, part throwback record shop/ teen bedroom…and two parts perfectly priced heaven, making TGR’s VMS a perfect vintage cocktail! All items are, get this – $20 bux and under!! Others as low as $5, and menswear too!! I kid you not –

I’m just lucky I have patient friends who let me coo all over the goods in there before we scampered back to Becca’s house to drink, eat pizza and be merry. Make sure to check it out next time you’re in the hood o’ Bushwick, faaaantasic!

Track the shop and check out Tiffany’s blog here.

Be Sure to check this out next time you’re nearby! beginning at 6pm. Ok, that is all, you may now return to your regularly scheduled Wednesday broadcast.