UPDATE 9/6/2014: From the office, to a successful and distracting jaunt through freelance culture work, and now on to education and researching the world around me. 

Photo cred: Andrew Kluger

This will now be a place to reflect on how the fashion and style around me in the great city of NY works with or against the capitalist models I hope to see shifted.

To begin again.

If you want to know more, just ask.

This is the adventure of your lifetime-

Please dress accordingly.

UPDATE 3/21/2011: After 1.75 years in the basement I’m taking it to the streets, or at least to an office w/ windows ~ ONWARDS!



Hello from the bellows of a SoHo workshop!

From my basement office I chronicle my efforts to stay within the reality of who I am, and the fantasy of who I hope to be. Using fashion to conquer my fears of losing my stylish intuition through social stigmas and hopefully inspiring folks along the way, this blog is all about making what you have sparkle! Through repurposing things, rummaging through flea markets and stoop sales, sale-stalking items in my favorite stores, and keeping my eyes and ears open on the NY streets, I try to be myself (whoever she is) and maintain the magical ways which have always inspired me!


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