So, ummmm, yeah – a year later…

The comments about the ‘best’ and ‘worst’ of last night’s Gala got my mind going BIG-TIME so I decided to open my blog back up for business (kinda). I’ve seen a lot and learned a lot about personal and commercial style this year, and I don’t want the fact that I’m a laymen in this world to stop me from blogging – I enjoy it too much to let it die all together. So, humbly, but not TOO humbly, here are my thoughts and shiz:

Mark Kate in Vintage Chanel – people hated, but really? SHE WINS. And here’s why I think so…

The theme of this year’s Gala was “Punk: From Chaos to Couture”. Punk, as I’ve always understood it, is the ideology around not giving a flying fuck – and when taken into context with CHAOS and COUTURE, this can mean just doing YOU. I feel like this look here IS MK to the -nth degree. The wild girl hair half-locked is a grunge throwback (and even reminded me of this oldie but goodie), the nude lip echoing the 90’s echoing the 60’s, clean and in your face -not hiding behind black lines and the nonsense safety pin up-do’s of her red carpet cohorts- the dropped waist slip dress a la any woman ever & (not to mention Debbie Harry

or almost any other Punk Pretty Princess, and then the divinely inspired duster coat which in it’s yellow hue doesn’t fake as if it’s a nasty cold night in 1976, but rather embraces the beautiful Spring evening we NYers had last night. If we look up the fabulous M-Kate in future years, this image will remain  a PERFECT representation of who and how she looked and was perceived in that moment, and that’s pretty dam PUNK if you ask me. I’ll be emulating her scowl and cheekbone bonanza ALL SUMMER LONG, believe.

Other notables –  all pics from Huff Post:

Indeed, it was a shame about the endless camel-toe (whatchagonnado? oy), but that maybe lent to Kristen Stewart punk interpretation. Talk about a fuckall attitude, I mean one must assume she knew it looked that way! And besides, she is kind of a badass. Did you see her in On the Road?? If you haven’t, you MUST – she lets it all hang out and lives out some major fantasy’s with those epically hot fellas. The script is a perfect adaptation – Jose Rivera is pure GENIUS.

So bad it’s GOOD – Christina Ricci in Vivienne Westwood

I hate this Riccardo Tisci, I hate it with everything I’ve got, and that makes it PUNK as all hell – well done Ms. K.

This look is clean and lovely, and I’m loving the goth touch with the hair and lipstick. Ronney Mara wears this Givenchy really well – she earned front AND back pics! I think the diversity of this garment is really cool. Wedding day, burial day, and peaceful apocalypse ready. All covered here. There’s also something fun here with the flow of the dress mashed against her dark glare and hard angled face. I dig.

slide_295897_2416339_free slide_295897_2416360_free

But really – shout out of the night goes to Beyoncé’s helping hand. Without him standing by, her outfit had a real case of the poops – as in it kinda sucked, as in, it wasn’t even bad enough to be punk! His very presence elevated everything. In the hilariously perfect words of the Dlisted crew :

Screw Beyonce, It Was All About Her Gentleman-In-Waiting

Fo realz.

And now, instead of showing the same BAD pics of people’s half-assed attempts to be Met Gala cool, some images of the folks who I think did the theme better, without prompt…

Elizabeth Hurley in 1994. Versace.

Sexy and slightly perverted – add in the low res quality and this shit is PUNK. High fashion nudity with twist from V Magazine.

And these biddy's.

And these biddy’s.

Over and out.



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  1. So happy you’re back!

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