Patti Smith: Gothic Crow, fashion mistress

As some of you who follow me know, I’ve been busy producing one the premiere music festivals in NY this summer! I’ve been lucky enough to see live performances by Fula Flute, Laurie Anderson, Brooklyn Rider – beautiful shows every one! The last big show of the summer though, exposed me to the magic of a certain Miss Patti Smith, and despite having read her book and being familiar with her poetry, nothing could have prepared me for the fandom which has taken me over after seeing this woman sing live…

I am officially a HUGE fan. And now, in classic ‘me’ fashion, I am attempting to bring her sense of fashion, kindred with my own obviously, to the forefront of how I approach my fall.

She has grown older, but she hasn’t aged. What a great skill.

As I’ve mentioned before, there’s something to be said about ideas and fashions which are timeless. Menswear and androgyny never seem to go out of style, and as I’ve matured and grown older I feel more confident than ever in my style and dress.
I have some tried and true ways of incorporating this look in my day to day, but this year, my 30th year, I’m thinking of stepping up what this all means to me…
And this necklace from Etsy
And these boots from ACNE

And this hat from Rag and Bone!!!

Ok, before I get completely carried away, I’ll leave you with a final image of the wild bird that is Patti Smith performing with her then lover Sam Shephard-

Hurts so good.



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