Blind Melon-choly: We miss the 90’s

This song has always been precious in the small subset fam that is my sis & I. It’s cheered us when we’ve had the blues, and stands as a good omen whenever it’s caught around town, or on the radio…

3:33 PM
sister: that song is always an excellent omen. i just watched the video again since you left it on my wall and I MISS THE 90s. i miss live music!
me: guuurl, me too
sister: and fields of grungy boys PLAYING music
me: i miss hand-written notes, and leaving a message on someone’s voicemail
sister: yuuuuup
me: boys with guitars instead of headphones
sister: or calling a house-phone and asking for the person you’re looking for!
sister: boys on skateboards
me: omg, the sound of the paperboy rolling down the street will always haunt me…
sister: yessss. copy and paste this convo with that video and your fave 90s inspired dress on NWH!
sister: title: blind melon-choly.
me: doing it now

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