Emily Rothschild USB Lockets: Beyond brilliant

Leave it to ‘small sister‘ to scope out the best in tech/fashion- her world keeps her in tune and up to speed with these going’s ons, and I was so stoked when she sent this adorable product along!Emily Rothschild‘s USB Lockets add a whole new layer to the idea of having precious images and more worn around your neck and close to your heart!

I  just love this idea!! Include texts and images with your sentimental gift! Nothing replaces a good old photo, but there would no reason not to include a highlight image on the empty side, making this a perfect futuristic and nostalgic gift!!

Another favorite of mine from the collection: this ‘Seven Day Pill Case Pin‘, which actually functions as a pill case, and can be worn as a pin “with pride” as the designer says!  🙂




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