BIG Thoughts Midweek…Timbukto – Del Blaoui, East Village Shopping at its best

And then it happens – you stumble into a shop you’ve passed a dozen times, a shop which has always (during your mostly post-midnights passings) been closed. Winter days you’ve peered through the windows at the billowing colors and perfectly paired items with longing, and now that you’ve made it inside, it’s better than you ever imagined!

Shop owner Robert keeps things perfectly in place and all accessible, not only in style but in price! Saving up my nickels and dimes for pretty much one of everything you see here 🙂 They shall be mine, oh yes, they shall be mine…

45 2nd Ave in NYC has been home to this shop for well over 30 years, and I can imagine why! I became a loyal customer at first sight and couldn’t wait to share this find with others, enjoy!



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