Cyber Shopping: Quicksilver Women

Old to some, sure, but new to me and worth sharing! All these gems from a spot I’ve been shopping in on and off since I was abut 13?? Who’d a thunk!?And y’all know how hard I’ve been looking for a good vintage style backpack, this one is certainly in the running!  Shame it doesn’t come in brown…

 I have some items which are quite similar but vintage, and I always have an eye out for quality basics, like this striped cardi and these perfectly cozy sweats!

Actually, I’ll tell you who thunk it, Ms.B. Jones of course! This QSW blog rep makes incredible outfits happen incorporating their ware all the time! Her outfit below began is the inspiration behind this whole post!

I mean, how fabulous is that tunic?!? Pretty dam fabulous if you ask me!! It’s no longer available on the site, but they have tons of cute alternatives, and great items I’m deffinetly adding to my wish list. Simple, basic, functional fashion, and string bikini’s to boot 😉



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