BIG Thoughts Midweek: The Garment Room’s Mobile Vintage Shop – I kid you not!

Rounding the corner on Bushwick’s Moore St. my night went from basic pizza hunting bliss, to utterly  phenomenal due to my discovery of this AMAZING shop! Right across from Roberta’s Pizza (AMAZEBALLZ) The Garment Room‘s Mobile Vintage Shop is less a hidden gem, and more an unmistakeable jewel.

Beautiful shop-hostess Tiffany was so helpful, guiding me through the racks of wonderfully kept, and really well chosen items. I made out like a bandit with a striped palazzo jumper for $10! It’ll make an appearance in a post to follow ~

Part enchanted mobile boudoir, part throwback record shop/ teen bedroom…and two parts perfectly priced heaven, making TGR’s VMS a perfect vintage cocktail! All items are, get this – $20 bux and under!! Others as low as $5, and menswear too!! I kid you not –

I’m just lucky I have patient friends who let me coo all over the goods in there before we scampered back to Becca’s house to drink, eat pizza and be merry. Make sure to check it out next time you’re in the hood o’ Bushwick, faaaantasic!

Track the shop and check out Tiffany’s blog here.

Be Sure to check this out next time you’re nearby! beginning at 6pm. Ok, that is all, you may now return to your regularly scheduled Wednesday broadcast.



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