BIG Thoughts Midweek: Today’s Outfit

As I explore what makes me feel good, what makes me feel all shiny happy people holding hands-ish, it’s rare I think I get close to it. Many years of selection went into creating this outfit. Many temporary inclinations which inspired me to gather these items, and have led me here to this “timeless” outfit.


  • Dress – Sale at Val Surf (what’s up SoCal Valley guys & gals!) 2004
  • Vest – The Hubbs literally found it 🙂 2010
  • Belt – Vintage Coach, thrifted 1999
  • Boots – Unlabeled, Beacon’s Closet 2011
  • Necklace – Thrifted at the Melrose Trading Post in 2003

In an effort to be true to what I mentioned the other day , I’m gonna go ahead and say I feel pretty darn good about this here outfit.  I think it’s all about wearing the things you LOVE,  hopefully nothing less than that.

Over time, I hope to build a paired down wardrobe of garments and adorning accessories which are each my favorites. Each piece in that curated collection the best I could find this lifetime around, the best I knew.



2 responses to “BIG Thoughts Midweek: Today’s Outfit

  1. Very cute. I really like your hair.

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