Oh wouldn’t it be nice…

Today feels all fantasy to me. Perhaps it’s the low hanging heavy clouds, or maybe the quiet nature of the office today, but my mind is all aflutter with daydreams of growing older with my man, sharing our life and home and hearts…this song puts a smile on my face every time 🙂 silly but true.

Our house now is REALLY lovely, I couldn’t wish for more! Something about these images made me fantasize about being ‘mom & dad’ with the hubbs someday and what our ‘master bedroom’ might one day look like…

Maybe even some kiddos in the mix…All images are from Design Sponge. I spent a long coffee hour this morning perusing the site (one of my faves!).

Will we be like these folks from Advanced Style? One can only hope 🙂 Teehee –

Happy weekend everyone!



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