Weekend Wrap

Ahhhh NY in Spring time, divine to say the least. Hope your weekend was enough to power you through to the next, I think mine might have been close…

Made some monsters with the hubbs which then became a part of Immediate Medium‘s The Assassins Chase Pinocciho – we had a great crowd and really enjoyed it! Check out a great description in Andy’s Weekend Round-Up on Culturebot.

Bumped into this screen-printed bust of Babs 🙂 Fuego 718 is is quickly becoming one of my favorites, so many great gift ideas!

Got some work done at the ceramics studio, this is the yard there, I feel so lucky ~

Found these GREAT earrings at Horizons  @ 337 Metropoliatan, BK  11211. Shop-owner Breanne was a dear, and has quite the collection brewing. These ‘stix and stoned’ earrings (as I’ve affectionately named them) are a new staple for me, love them!

Caught something beautiful blowing in the wind.

And swung by Matter for an opening for a seemingly anonymous artist (anyone, anyone?). This table was carved from a single tree trunk, so smooth to touch and beautiful to see. Beginning to check out their blog too, great stuff!



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