Weekend wrap-up

Camera is back in action! Glad the apples photographed well, they certainly didn’t taste any good.

Baked some cookies for a bake sale, the dough was fantastic, but while waiting for them to ‘brown’ they over baked and turned out too crisp to sell! Ended up donating a coveted box of Samoas, sigh…

Ate a bagel and lox feast at home, doesn’t he do a great spread?!

Found a new love for old charms.

Watched the documentary The Kid Stays in the Picture, and encountered a rekindled love of sexy, temporary  ‘power-couples’ of the 60’s.

Found this tie-dyed velvet cape from Bona Drag, TDF!

Other things probably happened too, but it’s all lost in the fog after such a GREAT Monday, weird right?!



2 responses to “Weekend wrap-up

  1. Cookie Secret… Take them out about two minutes before they are done. They continue to cook on the cookie sheet after you bring them out of the oven. 🙂

    • oy, i learned that hard way! i like mine a little crispy so i kept waiting for them to brown- needless to say they never changed colors, they just dried out LOL

      wish i had the Happy Crafty mastermind at my side more often!!!

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