Happy thoughts.

On a day like today,  I remind myself of my happy thoughts…beautiful things are my happy thoughts, and as we all know it’s happy thoughts which make us fly.

Beauty, the holy grail in my life which shifts and evolves and transforms,  is never closed off to change. In fact, it is that changing nature which makes it desirable to me and its  always out of reach feeling which aids it in keeping  its value.

Beauty evolves with us, changes with us. We see it somewhere, and if it is true beauty, it fades as quickly as we’ve noticed it and is replaced with grateful longing.

Beauty is a perfect day, passing.

Beauty is a dirty dream, realized.

Just some pretty pictures on a rainy New York day. Going to check out Peter & Wendy at the New Victory Theater today and am full of wishful, happy thoughts.

All my best,



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