Second Skin Style, on sale!!

Hi lucky friends!

If you’ve been following for a while you know what a fan I am of the fashion and sense of Second Skin Style‘s leading lady – I’ve shouted her out before and I’m excited to do it again!

She’s come up with a brilliant idea! She’ll be selling brilliantly curated  vintage packages from her Etsy shop collection! In her own words…

These first 5 collections will be listed for sale (with additional photographs of key items) in my Etsy Store tomorrow, May 4, for $100 a piece and will also include extra accessories such as belts, scarves necklaces and bracelets. I know that you know your math and I have rationalized this price well in my head: 10 pieces, $10 a piece PLUS EXTRA SPECIAL GIFTS!! Its a good idea right!!??

So many shape, color and size options you’re sure to find your perfect fit! And she’s not just throwing in accessories with these pairings, each one is styled and compiled by the Second Skin mastermind herself!

Happy cyber-shopping!!



2 responses to “Second Skin Style, on sale!!

  1. Ohmygoshsgeis! This was quite a surprise to find while sniffing around blog land! Thank you so much for the shout out! I blushed!

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