Forever 21 – Cyber shoptacular!!

We all know the drill: Walk through every expensive store in the region, make a mental list of everything you want and need, then bee-line to Forever 21 to make those ideas happen on your budget! It’s been a cycle for me and my gal-pals for the last decade or so, and I can’t imagine getting by without it.  Cheers to Forever 21 for always coming through with clutch pieces! Some of my favorite items are F21 basic from years back, they’re still looking cute, are in good condition, and didn’t set me back more than $15-30 a pop, gotta love that!!

Anyhoo, back to the old grind. Nearly Friday and I really feel like I’ve earned any free/relaxation time I get this weekend. I have to keep up this energy through Mother’s day and then everything will mellow out, or at least I won’t be doing 10 things at once and will have an opportunity for clearer focus- Hooray! 🙂



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