Bangs Bangs Bangs!! Ween Voodoo Lady

Awwwwww yyyeeeaaahhhh…..

My friends response to bangs? “Cute!”

My husbands response? “It’ll grow back.”

Regardless, I love them! I feel fresh and softer and dare I say- cuter without looking cutesy. Thanks Clara!! Wearing:

  • Burnt Orange Cardigan – J Crew
  • Pattern Over sized cardigan – Ralph Lauren, thrifted
  • High Waist Jeans – Ecote via Urban Outftters
  • Army Jacket – DBG by Urban Outfitters, thrifted via Buffalo Exchange
  • White Victorian Lace-up boots – thrifted



2 responses to “Bangs Bangs Bangs!! Ween Voodoo Lady

  1. fresh! i LOVE them 🙂

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