Blackstones Salon & Jane Birkin & the Jaggers: Channeling my former self

After some lengthy Gchat discussions, my sister has helped me make some major decisions, see discussion below, LOL:

me: im just in this weird place with dressing, and i dont know how to deal, and i wish you were closer. im hoping julia can come over and help me go through my stuff a little cause right now my closet is full of salvation army CRAP and nice stuff that hasnt fit me in three years and a few things i can pull off for work, but nothing that represents me the way id like to be seen. and then the last thing on my mind…bangs. but i know youre going to yell at me. i dont care, i just need a lttle style, or something. enchiways.

sister: hahaha

me: oh and im sick with a f#*king cold and thats it

sister: i am not going to yell at you, i love you w/bangs, you’re the one who decided to grow them out and julia will be a HUGE help i’m glad she’s coming

me: i just think i want very 70’s hair, like all one length longish layers and bangs

sister: hm…well, that kinda piggy backs on the convo we had last week. i miss free spirited you. go back to you, sister.

me: awww, thanks babe

So here come some bangs!! Clara at Blackstones Salon here in NYC is my hair master and is the first and only stylist I’ve ever had an ongoing relationship with. I love her, she’s perfect, Amen. We’re gonna follow her lead as always, but here’s what we’re thinkin’:
Jane Birkin meets Zoe Deschanel?

I know, I know, my hair isn’t like either of those chicks. Shhhhh, calm down, it’s doable, trust me. And with Clara by my side (or more like behind me) everything will be ooootay.

Julia is a lifelong friend who currently lives in Las Vegas. She’s a style guru  to all  and has been all our whole lives, or at least since we were 12 (before that we were tomboys 🙂 ). She always knows how to put things together, how to purge, and how to make amazing things happen with very little. Lucky me, she’s in town this weekend!!
Last we spoke Julia said she’s been sporting her favorite high end hippy looks, and I’m hopeful when she gets here we can figure out ways to make over my wardrobe using pieces in my closet only, what a challenge! We both used to do this so well, and somehow I fell out of style and into some weird patterns of static dressing, partly because my husband hates (and I mean HATES) wide leg pants- bell bottoms? Not on his watch, LOL. Julia will help me make it work, I have total faith!!
Between the assistance of Clara and Julia I’m hopeful to start May off feeling refreshed and enabled, stylish and confident.
Happy Monday!!!
XO (p.s. pardon formatting glitches, wordpress is acting up)

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