Bad dayz b- gone!

The trials of life, the ‘real’ness of it all can simply confuse this thin skinned scorpion. A few too many days with my thoughts rummaging through the darker corners of my mind and I can begin to forget – well, everything! But today, gratefully, something snapped. I am ready to emerge – onward!

Special thanks:

to Earth-Age for many of these beautiful images.

to Veronica and Eddie who I hear will be taking my best friend into the woods.

to sad movies with great sunsets.



3 responses to “Bad dayz b- gone!

  1. Hi! These images are beautiful, and though I am not a Scorpio (Virgo actually) I know a thing or two about these swirling thought storms. Congrats on your reemergence! You just commented on my blog regarding questions about my vintage sale today. I regret to inform you that it is a literal real life sale taking place in a cafe here in my home town. After the sale, depending on it’s success, I may put a few key items up for online sales, then the rest will go to a seller I have made a deal with who will be selling the rest in her etsy and brick and mortar shops. I hope this clears up some confusion for you. Sorry if I was a little ambiguous in my post. I too get caught up in my head and sometimes miss the practical details of life!

    • Thanks for the clarification! Would you believe I’m such a dork I actually had a calendar reminder which went off at 12am this morning reminding me your sale was today? Teehee
      And it’s so funny the way things work, I decided to clear the mind cobwebs late last night and woke to a stunning sunny day here in NYC. 🙂
      Hope the sale is a huge success, and congrats on making this change! Happy spring!!

  2. happy to take your life partner into the woods and hopefully we’ll see you soon too! actually i know we will… we’ll be in NYC in mid-June! much love, you beautiful lady of strength. and yes, wear YELLOW!

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