Happy thought : Ray LaMontagne ‘Forever my Friend’

It’s been a bizarre few days full of life affirming and frighting revelations regarding health, love, finance, art- all of it. In my ‘past life’ I would have spent a rainy day like today windows down and heater on in my rickety truck-like SUV rushing through the canyons of Southern California BLASTING this song among others.

Stepping out on a mountain’s peak to smoke cigarettes in the warm rain, getting high with the seagulls and then flying back down the hills easing back into traffic and the real world- you know, gaining perspective.

Those days seem so long ago now. Now when I imagine my life, it has certain colors and hues, people in it I hadn’t even imagined before. And though I couldn’t be more blessed than I am now, or more grateful for every breath of life I am allowed to endure, the last weeks roller-coaster has certainly made me nostalgic for more free, more lost, more open-ended times.

Now, back to fashion…



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