Vargas Pin Up Girls, Hugh Hefner, planned parenthood, and feminism, I mean, determinism…

Determinism (specifically causal determinism) is the concept that events within a given paradigm are bound by causality in such a way that any state (of an object or event) is completely, or at least to some large degree, determined by prior states. In physics, this principle is known as cause-and-effect. – Wikipedia

There’s so much on my mind these days. I don’t know where to begin. Feminism, or being aware of my femininity, has always been a gray area of discussion for me.

My father was a staunch advocate of woman’s rights, and also somehow a total chauvinist. A perfect balance some might say, and similar I always imagined Mr. Hefner in the ways he both objectified and glorified the women he worshiped as ‘bunnies’.

With the possible disbandment of Planned Parenthood and free woman’s health services, Gadaffi’s virgin amazonian security guards, and the media’s portrayal of women and womanhood becoming more desperate and surreal in an obvious effort to maintain control – it’s easy to understand why, even at 30, I’m as confused by public sexuality as ever.

I imagine myself as a young girl, fantacising about the Ariel-like red hair and green eyes which would (if I could wish them into exhistence) change my life for the better. I think about my obsession with the beyond perfect Vargas girls which adorned my high school walls. In hindsight and with new truths revealed I realize we all have grace, all women can liken themselves to a dream.

Silhouettes drawn from memories and fantasies with live models standing in for goddesses.  The images drawn are of strangers. The real thing, what I’ve often called ‘grotesque beauty’, is what I look for in the day to day. Well designed buildings and perfectly sunlit urban streets. ‘Ugly’ things which function ‘beautifully’.

As a young girl was I aspiring to grown into these – beautiful – women? If I’d known what they really looked like, how would my desires have been different? How might I be different?

If the images we receive from the world were different, would people make different choices?What exactly is it we (women, today, who encounter mass media) are trying to look like?

If I think about the lessons I learned from film and media about plastic surgery, vanity, and fears of aging, I realize i always got the impression that they are not desireable traits or behaviors. But the reality is that the world looks to signs of wealth and power displayed as permanently taught skin and abs and – it just goes on and on…how we’ve enabled the horrific.

What we see and are told contradicts what we are surrounded by in the material and commercial world. Things that cause us to think a certain way also do their best to convince us to do things directly aposed.

Remember the world can be beautiful. Nature is the best teacher of what is beautiful.

What is real?

I don’t know where I’m going with this. But I wanted to say something, wanted to – I don’t know, really. I’m just going to keep focussing on fulfilling my true needs, sifting through my influenced wants, and making the absolute best with what I have.

Even when it seems all I have, are a jumble of Monday morning thoughts.



2 responses to “Vargas Pin Up Girls, Hugh Hefner, planned parenthood, and feminism, I mean, determinism…

  1. what would rayanne do? hehe…

    yeah, it’s a head scratcher. I love making my youtube videos but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten “you are OLD!!” On good days I don’t care, but on bad days I want to get botox. Or just stop making them.

    I think the pressure is super full on when you’re a celebrity & in the public eye. That photo of Nicole Kidman is hideous, but I also know she had a major problem with a low brow and hooded eyes. What to do? In the end she gets the brow lift and gets some more acting jobs…

    I try to eat (more or less) healthy, take care of myself and enjoy my life. I’m hoping this will be the golden ticket.

    thanks for such a thought provoking post. xo bhb

    • thanks BHB!
      Just had to reply to say that part of what I love about your posts is your incredible beauty- I can tell you have love, fun, health, and curiosity in your life, it shows in your fashion!!
      and sorry stupid video commenters, you’re just WRONG! you ain’t old, LOL, not even close!

      wanna see some old biddies doing their thing low brows, hooded eyes and all?
      check out – INSPIRING!

      I often wonder what choices I’ll make myself, and am certainly NOT hating on women who choose to go there, just trying to keep the conversation of ‘why’ alive and well.

      thanks for your insightful reply!

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