Tavi gets cozy with Rayanne Graff: “Oh Ray-Ray!!!”

Holy sweet mother of Graff, I LOVE this post from Tavi of Style Rookie!!!!!!! She has really done the work and made a kick A$$ post dedicated to the woman I called in my comment “… the ultimate-ultimate, the queen of dirty-hippy meets goth punk goddess” and she totally is all those things, and more!!!

On to a matter of grave importance: Anyone who knows me knows I have an unending quest for proper shoes. And the hunt always comes back to a desire for a pair I had in the past and would kill to replace- but which I  can find neither hide nor hair of. A pair of boots I had and wore every day for years, a pair of unfindable boots anywhere on land or online- perfect a pair of boots which are on Rayanne’s feet in the pictures below!!!

Stacked heels, hits just below the calf, rugged bottoms- what were they?!? I thought they were Sam and Libby’s but cannot find them anywhere! Any guessess??? Suggestions?? Remembrances??

I’m so grateful to have had Rayanne in my life man, and I can’t say enough how her style and flair have influenced the way I dress as a grown-up.

For more of  Tavi’s incredible post click here.

x’s & o’s


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