Studio Apartment + Design Sponge = DIY projects!

Saturday morning my hubby and I will be judging the renovations on a studio apartment which may become our new home. I’m really excited!! Here are some before shots from our first visit, it has potential right??

I know it sounds strange to be excited about going from a ‘2 bedroom‘ to a studio but it’ll have the same square footage as our current home, 18’ ceilings, a loft bed, separate kitchen and bath, and is in our beloved Brooklyn neighborhood! Win, win? We hope so…

I’ve been daydreaming non-stop the last few weeks about little things we can do to make it more ‘us’ and give us the best use of the space! Here are some  Design Sponge DIY projects I intend to do once we move in, if we move in…

Space saving Peg Board project, probably even in this same color, I love it!!

String Garden project.

Mason Jar Lights project.

All of these things look so easy and  are going to be such a great way to bring some home-made style to our newly face-lifted space. Here are a few pics I keep going back to as inspiration. Studio apartments can be BEAUTIFUL!

Here’s hoping this space blossoms into all we hope it can be! After pics to follow next week sometime whether we take it or leave it!

Do you live in a small space?

What do you do there to make the best use of every inch?



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