Refinery 29 Hair Accessories

Some of these things I know I’ll have to buy if I want them (blegh!), but a bunch of these I can DIY with flying colors!! Refinery 29 with the post of the day win!!I can’t stand the boring, mechanical feel of regular ponytail holders. I’d always rather be using something that looks more natural. Funny how a simple knot and some color gradation can ensure that feeling! Making my own ASAP! I plan on purchasing wide-ish elastic meant for waistbands and tying them off. Love ’em!

I’ve been using combs in my hair FOREVER! Glad folks are finally catching on! The give the perfect swoop and volume to any out-of-face style! I have a few trinkets lying around at home which I’ll be glue-gunning on to combs! Love the look on the above/right here! Multiple same color clips really dress up this simple ‘do.My hair is almost long enough to pull off the side swoop I’ve been ogling over for months now! Can’t wait!!

CHEAP AND SIMPLE: Kevin Murphy Wave.Clip—Soft, 70’s boho waves are definitely the outcome. Typically 2 clips per section and $4 bux a pop- awesome!!

$3.75 each, visit Kevin Murphy for salon locations.

Happy Monday kittens!



2 responses to “Refinery 29 Hair Accessories

  1. wow that blue agate/geode looking one is awesome! also intrigued by that clip thing…must investigate

    • Don’t they look fun? The full post said you clip them in, blow dry and then remove them for soft waves, too good to be true I wonder? Deff keep me posted 🙂 xo

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