Warby Parker : four eyez fo’ life

I don’t often wear my glasses. Well, I did here, and obviously in this picture below – but I really don’t wear them as frequently I’d like. I really love them!Why don’t I wear them more you ask? Not because I don’t find them amazing, cause I fraking do! And the $300 I didn’t have but had to spend on them for lenses that were supposed to change my life (and really didn’t)even with insurance made me love them a LOT when I picked them out a few months ago – BUT they hit my nose in the worst place ever and are MISERABLY uncomfortable! HARUMPH! Enter Warby Parker…Thanks to a post form one of my faves Miss Kim of eat.sleep.wear. (love the name btw 🙂 ) I’m headed to Warby Parker this week!

The Tenley? My top choice on their website….or……perhaps the Winston?Or! Perhaps the Monroe?! The glory of all of this? At $100 a pair with prescription lenses AND non-glare coating, I could get 2! Dare I??? THOUGHTS?Considering choices I’ve made in the past, I’m sure to pick a winner-wink wink!



One response to “Warby Parker : four eyez fo’ life

  1. not only are your gerry ferraro glasses a winner – but so is that crop top!

    I second the Tenley pick!

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