The reality of what has happened in Japan deepens in me every day and my thoughts are with all those effected. Having survived a much more minor (in hindsight) earthquake in California in 1994 which left my father’s home and business destroyed and condemned and my sister and I forever altered, I can only begin to imagine what people in Japan are going through – my heart is full of compassion and hope for recovery.


from Eat. Sleep. Wear... I know that so many of us want to do anything and everything we can do to help. Every little bit can make a huge difference to someone even if it is $5 dollars. I had recently made a donation to the Red Cross and still wanted to see how I could spread the word and let people know how they might be able to help.

I will be participating in an event organized by Ever Ours and Utterly Engaged to help raise awareness and money for the people touched by the disaster in Japan. It’s a blogger day of silence on Friday March 18th and I hope that you all check out the following links on how you can get involved or if you are able to donate any money, even a few dollars for a good cause. I hope that with the power of the blogging community, we will be able to help in a larger way.

To get involved in For Japan With Love click here.
to donate directly to Shelter Box for the  For Japan With Love cause click here.


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