One hot Marmy

Got totally inspired by My Mom the Style Icon today 🙂

These are some pics of my divalicious Marmy in one of her hay-days. Our Mom was a wealth of knowledge growing up, particularly when it came to fashion and beauty – she’s kind of a master, these pics show you why…

Marmy and ‘the Bubs’ (her little sister). My mother and her younger sister are the same amount of years apart as my little sis and I, 3.5 years. The four of us have always quietly bonded over this interesting fact. How cute are they?

Looking SO much like my own little sis in this one – AMAZING! My sis and I trade off being twins to my Mother and her sister.

My Marmy was so lucky to get them baby blues! And such a killer smile!

That hat is SO now, it’s unreal. And flanked by the fellas of course, lookin’ good!

Marmy was always giving herself the most fabulous haircuts, including this shag which I’ve always envied!

These pics remind me of how lovely it is to change, to age, to learn and share – as my Marmy has always done with us girls, and how I’ll do with my own…



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