Allow me to introduce…a double-header…Blue Collar Catwalk & Oh My Frock

One of my favorite everyday obsessions is Blue Collar Catwalk, and today Kyla  posted about a coat which got me so excited about, I had to spread the word! Not only do she and I share a zodiac sign (Scorpio’s rule!) but also a love of thrifting, repurposing, running, AND unique clothing finds!

Check her out in this Oh My Frock winter design! P.S. the rest of her outfit cost her a total of, ohhh, $5.

Kyla is always pulling things together in a flattering way, but this number really took the cake! I immediately started perusing the Oh My Frock website and found a treasure trove of affordable, wearable, essentials!

There’s the coat as it appears on the website for sale, I have a feeling they use only one model – love it! And this coat? Only $72 dollars!

‘”Look good, feel good” is a proven fact. That is why it is important to dress up and get a joyous mood to face every day challenges. With Oh My Frock, picking clothes from your closet and creating your own gorgeous look every day is just a piece of cake.’

Oh My Frock (about us)



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