Subway musings: Allow me to introduce…Calvin Hylton

Today I was lucky enough to encounter something delightfully out of the ordinary on my morning subway commute. Inspired outfits are rampant in NY, but it’s not often that when you stop someone to ask “Hey- where’d you get your jacket?” they reply with a calm, cool, smiling : “I made it”.

These pics don’t do Clavin’s outfit justice. He was wearing perfectly fitting kaki pants, wayfarers, and perfectly clean basketball shoes a la 1998 – CUTE! The jacket itself was so well made I got up close to truly admire it.

Now that he and I are Facebook friends (fast, right?) I was lucky to find some pics he posted of the garment in process- what a savvy fellow! The repurposed sleeves were from some kind of 1990’s silk shirt/coat. He finished the look by moving the original sweat-jacket cuffs seamlessly back into place.


The final product jacket had this great 1950’s letterman thing happening; and pairing it all with a super modern black and white ginham shirt an a simple black skinny tie, Mr. Hylton made a great impression!!

Calvin is a recent high school grad who was out pounding the pavement in search of the dream internship which will turn him into the man and artist he envisions himself to be- and dressed in self made garments, I believe he is bound to find it sooner than later, doomed to succeed I’d say 🙂 All in all, he made my day!

Through a bit of Facebook stalking I found out he also makes shirts, beads, boxers – seems like he has ideas for everything!                                                       Check out his killer shirt design:

You seem like a kick ass human being! Don’t give up, be patient with yourself and the world, be clear in your mind of what you want and don’t accept less. Be prolific in your endeavors, kind in your heart, and never, NEVER give up.

Calvin Hylton:

my hero of the day.


2 responses to “Subway musings: Allow me to introduce…Calvin Hylton

  1. i am IN LOVE. this is my first comment on my very own sister’s blog. hylton, THAT is how much i love this. grow up real fast so we can date, k?

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