Skin & Hair Care

My girl Beth wrote a great recent post about cheaper options for skin and hair-care, almost all of which I totally use! Skin brush for $5? Check! Natural products as hair and skin aids? Hells to the yes!! I mean have you ever put coconut oil in your hair on a rainy day??? A-men to that old trick!

Here’s a list of the ‘finer’ more yummy (and costly) products I use on the regular. FYI- ALL of these things can be found in sample sizes all over town! Never say no to a free sample of something great! And never skimp on face-care – in my opinion it’s an investment worth making. I mean you didn’t need that slice of cake as much as you needed a weeks worth of good quality SPF protection for that face of yours, now did you?


FACEWASH: Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser *Perfect for removing make-up and dirt, gentle yet effective, AWESOME!

TONE: Cane + Austin: Acne Treatment Pads *Blows the ProActive crap out of the water. AMAZING & ADDICTIVE!!!!!!!!

CREAMS: For rough, winter days I love EVE LOM’s TLC Cream. I use samples, it’s PRICEY. When the weather isn’t so rough I LOVE  Caudalie Radiance Day Fluid. It’s rich and light and all around perfect! Also, it smells like dolls 😉 true story.

Grab these products at Space NK Apothecary online, in Bloomies, or in their boutique shops. At Space NK in Bloomies here in NYC I get help with new products from Chrissy Vassar, she’s amazing, friendly and knows her stuff!

When prepping for my wedding this past year, I decided to try ProActive to help with NYC Acne (never had more than a blemish in Los Angeles, oh new York you are evil and wonderful), and it DID work. However, the quality of my skin declined drastically in the 6 months of use – it’s taken a long time and some high-end products to bring my skin back to health while retaining a smooth complexion.


I would do hair cleansing, but I change products SO often it just isn’t worth it. Since I stopped coloring my hair (GREAT decision, btw) I can use just about anything. I’m a sucker though a for a few styling products noted below.


Best thing ever for perfect waves year-round. Tames the frizz, keeps it subtle and soft, and allows for the exact type of blow-dry-less hold I’m looking for.

Available at Space NK in person – Gotta love that shop!!

2. Moroccan Oil

Great for quickening the blow dry process, and leaves my hair baby soft.

Not the best for curlier do’s but a must-have for gals trying to grow out healthy long hair, like yours truly 🙂

Available at Ricky’s here in NYC, love them too!

I’ll update as I discover other great products. I may not need new clothes, but I WANT great skin and hair. These are my current tricks of the trade…it’s all about priorities my biddies.

Which home-style or store-bought items do you use and LOVE???


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