And then there was one – Ralph Lauren Fall 2011

We all have favorites. And while some change as we learn more, others seem to remain the same despite exposure to the more in the world. Ralph Lauren is just that way for me. Whether he’s taking us on a journey through Americana cowboy fantasies, or romantic fields, or with this Fall 2011 collection through the fanciful world of 1920’s speak easy culture, he remains a fixture in my mind.

This years collection has really captured my heart. Victor Victoria, Great Gatsby, blood red velvet, pops of turquoise and emerald green; the swirling images that come to mind admiring these pieces have no limits!

From chilhood I’ve looked to styles iconically Ralph Lauren as a standard for what is ‘good’, and most my favorite descriptive terms when discussing fashion were all coined for me admiring graments designed by him.

Not only is this collection my favorite of the Fall 2011 line up, but a favorite for all time, period. Timeless, wearable fashion – always in style.

*all images courtesy of


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