Marc Jacobs Fall 2011

Nah, I didn’t get to be there in the flesh, but you better believe I’ll be there in fashion sprit allll falllll long!

GREAT pieces and a killer show! Clean and crisp with MADDENINGLY  loud 1990’s Marilyn Manson? Yes please! And polka-dots as the new stripe? delightful!

1940’s bolero style jackets with funky shining polka-dots. High flattering waist-lines (which you know I can’t live without), and sleek hair and make-up, TDF.

Clean lace = neurotic bohemian? Can I coin that?

I don’t like the shoes, I really don’t. BUT that bag? – the vintage flair with a modern twist so telltale of a Jacobs item, the shape evocative of cartoons and candy, and mostly the radiant color- GIMME!

Anyone know who this is? She came dressed ready for the look like no other!

*all images courtesy of The Huffington Post


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