Los Angeles Visual Shopping List

I’m really excited to be spending this coming weekend in Los Angeles! It’s my hometown and there’s nothing like being on more familiar turf breathing in familiar air and visiting familiar faces and places. My Marmy and I have elaborate plans to do tons of girly things, including a HUGE day of thrifting!

I have a headful of items I’m hoping to find, so I figured I’d create a visual guide for myself.

I’m hoping to find fun & flirty summer dresses (a 90’s maxi and a bohemian lacy one too please!), a goldenrod cardigan, and and AND…

And soooo much more!

High waist vintage pants, full skirts, spring sweaters, a deep pocket blazer, what I like to call ‘picnic’ blouses, black flats, the kork-ease wedges of my dreams, not to mention so many other ideas that are burning in my brain!!

As I’m hoping to achieve all my shopping dreams via thirfting, I’ve made a point of focusing today on people who have mastered the ‘craft’. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce the diva who sucked up my Thursday afternoon with inspiring thrifted finds beyond belief – Miss Christina of Second Skin Style – “Swoon”. Pretty much I want to shop her closet, but until that day comes, I’m just gonna use her as direct inspiration of what to shop for this trip.

Can’t wait to share all my finds!!



3 responses to “Los Angeles Visual Shopping List

  1. wow, she dresses amazingly! loving the beach vibe! makes me excited for the approaching summer time!

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