Inspired : Spring 2011

Simple fun looks in LA from Refinery 29 remind me of how fun vintage dresses and oxfords are, and the minimal all black with a shock of color is also an easy staple which is ever-sheik in NYC. Have dress need oxfords, have black harem pant/shirt/jacket need black flats.

I’m always looking for fun new ways to incorporate ribbon into my hairstyles, love this one from Jason Wu.

Ahhhh the 70’s…The most idyllic time in fashion for yours truly. The feminist age included some ultra feminine looks, including floppy face-flattering hats, fabulous waist defining silhouettes, gorgeous tribal styled jewels, and easy-to-wear wedges.


I'll be looking for pieces like this while shopping in LA this weekend

No Doubt I’ll end up with these fab Kork-Ease wedges for summer (if you’ve ever been in NY during the peak summer months, you know open toed shoes are a bit, ummm, ‘icky’ I think is the correct term), but no doubt these Re-Mix ones have caught my eye – red red red!





Last image for inspiration: If you didn’t know better, you’d think these solemn hippies were discussing the fact that they’re all out of greens, not discussing the imminent death of a savior. Jesus Christ Superstar is an eternal source of fashion inspiration – the colors, the hairstyles, the sex appeal – tre bon!


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