Thursday Friday : Birkin : Totes!

Thursday Friday has done something brilliant: they’ve taken the worlds favorite Hermes Birkin bag, and printed it on a tote! They were sued by the company, but it seems Thursday Friday hasn’t lost footing and is now selling the bags in a few colors, and all for $35 a piece! (compared to $$tens of thousands of dollars$$ for the real one, it’s a steal!)

Check them out for purchase here.

I actually knew a girl in college who carried around her Birkin bag as a school bag, stuffed with notebooks and leaky pens. There was always a part fo me thinking: “You got that for free I’m sure, so in essence it’s a faux purchase, but you carry it around as a real symbol of status”. It has always confused me that the wealthiest folks get the most expensive items for free. These faux totes caught my eye as not only a means of expressing ideology about fashion and it’s effects on society, but also as an incredibly fun way to raise questions about priorities and status symbols.

Real vs. faux – reality vs. the imagined…

I often wonder about what is more important, something real or something imagined? Is it better to have the thing you lust for, or better to have the lust drive you day-to-day towards other achievements?

I also wonder which of these bags is more efficient, the tote you can destroy with use, or the ‘real deal’ which does little more than indicate to others that you’re a fool willing to drop enough money to change someone’s life on a stupid bag. I think I’d rather not. And really, there’s nothing worse to me than a heavy leather bag that weighs ten pounds before I’ve even put my stuff in it.

Seriously considering this Thursday Friday one in red, thoughts??


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