Brooklyn Flea!

One of the things I come to appreciate more and more with each passing winter, is the way that East coasters find a way around the weather to continue doing what they love!

The beloved Brooklyn Flea is no exception, brining their spring and summer outdoor shenanigans inside the stunning Williamsburg bank building during these chilly months – so much fun, and such a nice break from the frigid air and closed spaces.

I scored a dress for half off from a booth on the ground floor which I’ll be sure to boast about when iw ear it in a few months – kinda Laura Ashley, perfect fit, and great find!

Here are a few images from my Saturday adventure:

A snipit of the stunning ceilings inside!

Chloe cape! Stunning and in PERFECT condition, courtesy of stylist Lynn Falconer

Styling courtesy of Lynn Falconer, Stylist and Costume Designer

Lynne Falconer, a stylist and costume designer who has a booth there year round created this fabulous ensemble, including fantastic vintage boots, a terrific leather skirt, and this flawless vintage Chloe cape, TDF!

DELICIOUS baked goods from SCRATCHbread Brooklyn, this was a PLantain spiced muffin, YUMMO!


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