Allow me to introduce…Krystal

Krystal is one my favorite bloggers. She keeps her style tight and on target, and lives in one of my favorite cities in the world – San Francisco. I had the pleasure of living there many moons ago, and my little sister lives there now. I visit often and am always thrilled with the change of scene and fashion. These facts make visiting her site a little like visiting home for me, the shop names are always familiar and the scenery always tugs at my heart.

In the pic below she’s rocking an outfit that is so now, yet so then – one of my favorite time bending fashion choices! I bought a pair of wide leg denim from the Gap recently, but they’re just too overwhelming for my 5’3″ frame – the hunt continues…Just imagine the wedges in my ‘shoes magoos’ post below paired with this type of outfit, yum!

Two months till SPRING! Then I can begin wearing out the ideas I have stored through the winter, thanks for the continued inspiration Krystal!

*For more of Krystal visit ThisTimeTomorrow


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