Hepburn = Genius

While babysitting last night (yes I still do, great $ and GREAT practice 🙂 I was taken by a certain film on the telly. After the kiddies were in bed (one suffering from strep throat and one with a cough- Happy Holidays!) I was surfing through the crap channels and came upon a treat!

With all the vintage films I love and draw from for inspiration in life and fashion- somehow I’ve never seen Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner– shocking I know! It’s fantastic message, along with it’s loving portrayal of San Francisco made my evening fly. And the clothes of Miss Hepburn?- TDF! This film reminded me to remember (*teehee) her iconic stature as both an artist, and fashionista.

High collars on long vests, high tousled buns with flyaways galore, the slight shake in her voice, and her ever near tears eyes, all magical and all Hepburn.

Let’s see what I can come up with in the next week applying these things to my own style, hmmmm….Pant suits and trousers for life, simply stunning ❤


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