Butts – Boots – BOOTS

Funny how despite having certain garments covered in my closet, I’m still always on the hunt for the perfect such-n-such. This week, aside from attempting to bring together all my inspired tidbits into what will be my first Saturday “Fab Faux Pas Weekly Outfit Round-Up” (HOORAY! stay tuned pics to come…) I’ve also been obsessively shopping for black biker boots to replace the cheap trendy ones I purchased to fill the need.


  • Please be LIGHT! (those Frye ones must weigh 5lbs a piece, yuck!)
  • Be simple!
  • Be in my budget (I wont pay more than $150, no way)
  • Be mine!

In the pics above you’ll see what I WANT (Rag & Bone Moto Boot too pricey$$), what I NEED (Frye Engineer 12R too heavy), and what I OWN (not black, not pretty, but doing the job for now). What’s a girl to do? I guess I save up and get my self the good ones to break in when the season changes. No use buying GREAT boots to destroy in the NYC street muck all winter.

**The one’s I have is the obvious iphone pic in the mix. $40 from Necessary Clothing here in NYC, te adoro.


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