Inspired Resolutions…

Feeling totally inspired today.

This is the first actual day off I’ve had in nearly three-months. A Friday of lounging in bed and going through my favorite fashion blogs have made me realize a few early New Years resolutions I’m gonna put into effect, startiiiiing NOW!

  1. No shopping til MARCH! I have an affliction man, and working in NYC’s SoHo doesn’t help! Looking through Blue Collar Catwalk’s 30 for 30 challenge made me realize just how important it is to wear what you have! So here we go kiddies, no shopping for 2-months. Any takers on this challenge?
  2. New Friends! Being a relatively recent transplant I’ve been spending most of the three years I’ve been here focused on career and maintaining my life-long friendships of the past, very important! But all of this has resulted (I fear) in not being available to the incredible newer friendships HERE! This year I’m going to trust my instincts and make nurturing and experiencing my NYC life more of a priority!
  3. Writing, and baking, and cleaning, oh my! I’m gonna try to be more comfortable in our home. Being as we’re hardly ever home during daylight hours, I’d forgotten how lovely and inspiring our home can be! In the new year I intend to spend a bit more time being grateful for our home, and spending time doing things I LOVE in it.

So many resolutions come to mind, certain things I work on consciously all the time, but others I forget about till I’m in the middle of breaking them! This year is gonna be all about being conscious in my choices, from fashion to friendships – it’s all happening in 2011!

Much love, and happy holidays,


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