Weekly Round Up : Hepburn ?

Hmmm, so not a perfect ’10’, more like a high ‘5’ in my opinion…

Tried to pull together an outfit inspired by the things I commented on this week, and think I got about 50% of the way there. I had zero time, and zero energy- so I was hardly surprised when I saw my results.

Regardless I’m EXCITED to keep going with my ‘Weekly Round-Up’ idea, and would love to hear your comments/thoughts on how to better pull things off as I go! Or even photo comment with your own interpretations! Let’s inspire each other!!


  • Bow: from Anthropologie (WAY on sale for $5.95, love!) Don’t know about the heavy side swept bang for now, need a few more inches in length to pull it off, not to mention a deeper neckline.
  • Scarf: Thanks Marmy! (Vintage)
  • Shirt: High Line from Madewell. One of my FAVE store in NYC. This shirtwas on sale for $9.95 so I also grabbed it in black and white stripes. it’s super soft, has a fun modern cut and looks great with pretty much everything!
  • Pants: These are circa my 1993 wardrobe, swear to goodness. They’re form the The Limited, remember them? They fit great still and look MUCH better from farther away. not to mention with more fitted tops, oops!
  • Sweater: Forever 21. It’s already piling and a mess, but for some reason I’m still wearing it!

If this outfit adventure taught me anything, it’s to take my time!

Luckily the X-Mas party I wore it to was a HUGE success, despite my failed faux pas. Congrats to my PL115 girls on a brilliant holiday meal!


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