Allow me to introduce…Myself!

Somewhere in the Universe, there must be something better than man!”

George Taylor of Planet of the Apes (the original 68′ masterpiece).


I hope to start this page with some daily outfit shots- see how inspired I get- and take it from there!


  • Overalls – Vintage, purchased at by the pound SF thrift shop Clothes Contact
  • Hat – American Eagle like a decade ago
  • Shirt – Brooklyn Industries Men’s Short Sleeved sweatshirt w/ sailboat screenprint (probs 3 yrs ago)
  • Felt Flower – Gift
  • Flats – Mia from Lohmans in DC (threw them away shortly after, they kind of sucked, any COMFY black flat suggestions?


Backstage at my friends wedding this September. I’d been helping with hair and makeup all day, and kind of made due with a Beacon’s Closet find with no frills for the event. As soon as the coast was clear post Babka Wedding Cake and toasts I stole away to get back into my casual gear. Kicker? Everyone oo-ed and awed over my wedding finery, yes- but THIS outfit was the hit of the evening for sure!

Thanks to anyone out there who may be watching…


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